Large Shishi Sculpture (Lion)

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Cost and Production:

Production Cost: The large lion sculpture was created at an estimated cost of 5 million yen (about 33,000 $ USD), involving collaboration among multiple artisans for specific tasks.

Comparative Costs: The sculpture's production cost remains consistent at 5 million yen, whether crafted in Japan or locally in the United States, excluding the travel and accommodation expenses for the Japanese team.

Logistics and Materials:

Transportation Needs: A truck with a crane attachment was required for installation

Material Use: Camphor wood. Due to size constraints, the sculpture's legs and tail were crafted through grafting techniques during different production stages.

Material Sourcing: Materials could potentially be sourced more cheaply in the US. However, considering the specific grafting needs, sending materials from Japan was deemed more practical, offering savings on packaging, handling, and insurance.

Craftsmanship Details:

Initial Shaping: Chainsaws were used to carve the sculpture's rough shape

Final Details: The lion's facial expressions and detailed finishing touches were executed using Inami's traditional chisel techniques, ensuring the sculpture’s authenticity and high quality.