Trip to Inami

Our Co-Founder, Karim Thalji, supported by the Princeton Fred Fox Alumni Grant, traveled to Japan for 17 days in January, dedicating a week to exploring Inami, Toyama Prefecture. This visit enabled us to forge meaningful connections with the local community and establish solid relationships. With the assistance local Inamian, Katsuhiko Nakajima-san, who is now an active team member, we had the unique opportunity to meet woodcarvers in their homes and workshops, and also engage with other residents of Inami.

Meet the Inamians

Here, you can explore the raw footage of our visit to Inami, featuring unedited conversations with woodcarvers, detailed summaries, and interactions with locals and other community members

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Case studies of various woodcarving commissions

Explore detailed case studies of diverse woodcarving projects, including specifics on dimensions, pricing, and unique features. This concise overview offers a clear understanding of the variety and intricacies of woodcarved pieces, guiding expectations for commissions and purchases.

Inami History & Woodcarving Gallery

Discover the rich history of Inami and explore a gallery showcasing a variety of woodcarvings.