Meet the Inamians

Dive into the rich tradition of Inami woodcarving with exclusive insights from the craftsmen themselves. Our collection features images of woodcarvers, their workshops, and their exquisite creations, offering a window into the heart of Inami's craftsmanship. By selecting a profile, you'll access raw footage of in-depth conversations with the carvers, providing a firsthand look at their techniques and stories.

Given the extensive nature of these dialogues, often exceeding an hour, we've also provided summaries and outlined our next steps inspired by these interactions. It's important to note that, due to the length of the recordings, some subtleties and personal anecdotes might not be fully captured in our briefs. Additionally, the "Other Events" section will illuminate further aspects of our journey in Inami, painting a fuller picture of our experience

Profiles and Events Coming Soon – We're currently resolving some technical issues to bring you these stories.

Nanbu Hakuun


Hasegawa Sensei
Woodcarver + local historian
Saburo Aoyama


Mazakazu Kimura


Nonbu Tanighuchi
Tamura San

Local Historian + Woodcarver

Eda San

Inami Local + Research Volunteer

Hanajima San

Director of the Inami Woodcarving Cooperative + Woodcarver

Other Events

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